Terms and Conditions

1. This promotion voucher does not guarantee the holder a tattoo or any services from Dipowers Ink Tattoos or Dolamo Hair.

 2. This promotion voucher must have 10 promotion points in order for it to be active, 1 point is added automatically for purchasing one or more of our clothing items, the other 9 points can be obtained by promoting our brand on your Instagram account.

3. How to obtain the remaining 9 points:
– Follow Alex Tattoo Festival, Dipowers Ink Tattoo and Dolamo Hair on Instagram, if you are not following any or all of these instagram handles your voucher will not be activated.
– Wear any of our clothing items bought online or in store and take attractive pictures or videos with your smartphone or camera. Your pictures/video should be high quality, clean and show creativity and originality, ordinary low quality and no creativity pictures/videos will not be allocated any promotion points. 
– Post a picture/video of yourself wearing any or all of our clothing items on Instagram and Tag Alex Tattoo Festival, Dipowersink Tattoos and Dolamo Hair. Posts with no Tags won’t be seen and won’t be allocated any promotion points.
– Use a caption that promotes and attracts an audience or your followers to our brand eg: “Buy the Alex Tattoo Festival Hoodie for R800 and get a promotion voucher worth R1500 for free, i just got mine.” The caption should show creativity and persuasion, ordinary captions like ” got it” or “nice one” will not be allocated any ponts. 
– One post will earn your promotion voucher 3 points if done correctly, therefore three posts will earn your promotion voucher 9 points if done correctly. Our marketing department will check each post and indicate with a direct message (DM) or email if you have obtained any points or if your post/posts were unsuccessful. 
4.  Once your promotion voucher has obtained all 10 promotion points you can send a direct message to our Instagram or email, in this message indicate whether you want to use the voucher at Dipowers Ink or Dolamo Hair and one of our operatives will contact you with more information on how to make a booking therefore. 
5. This promotion Voucher is valid for one month post buying the clothing item online or instore eg: a hoodie bought on the 1st January 2021 will have an expiry date 1st February 2021 on the promotion voucher. A promotion voucher that has reached its expiration date can not be redeemed or used. 
6. This promotion voucher will not allow you to get services that exceed the amount indicated on the voucher, if your services exceed the amount indicated on the voucher you have to pay off the remaining balance in cash.
7. This promotion voucher can only be used once. 
8. This promotion voucher can only be used at Dipowers Ink Tattoos and Dolamo Hair. 
9. This promotion voucher will not allow you any special treatment above other clients, all clients will go through all booking channels and procedures.
10. This promotion voucher can not be used to buy any items; it can only be exchanged for services. 
11. This promotion voucher can not be exchanged for cash. 
12. This promotion voucher can not be used as a ticket to the Alex Tattoo Festival convention.
13. Only a Alex Tattoo Festival operative can confirm if a promotion voucher is active and ready to be redeemed.
14. Click the I AGREE button if you have read and understood the terms and conditions and continue with your purchase. 

Thank you and Good luck.